Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
SALARY : R102 534 per annum
CENTRE : False Bay Hospital
REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic literacy and numeracy. Experience: Appropriate
Porter experience in a public health facility. Inherent requirements of the job:
Willingness to work shifts, public holidays and over weekends. Ability to
perform tasks such as lifting of patients from or onto beds, trolleys and
wheelchairs, in and out of vehicles. Prepared to handle bodies or corpses.
Prepared to work in all departments or wards in hospital. Willingness to cover
shifts in absence of colleagues. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ability to
communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western
DUTIES : Assist and accompany walking, sitting, non-walking or disabled patients and
transport patients per wheelchair or trolley from reception to the wards or from
the wards to the treatment sections, and in and out of ambulances. Deliver and
collect medical and other documentation (patient files, report, etc) to or from
wards or treatment areas. Check and replace oxygen cylinders in wards or
treatment areas and assist with shifting of medical equipment and report any
defects. Assist with the drawing and filing of patient folders.
ENQUIRIES : Ms C Peters Tel No: (021) 782-1121/5257
APPLICATIONS : The Senior Medical Superintendent, False Bay Hospital, Private Bag X1,
Valyland, 7974.
FOR ATTENTION : Ms L Shoosmith
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
CLOSING DATE : 20 September 2019

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